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Nordfab hose and machine adapters are designed to be used in process ventilation and dust collection systems. Adapters allow connections to machinery as well as ductwork with other connection types.

Laser Welded Seam - Rolled Ends
• Available in galvanized or stainless steel.
• Please choose from below for more information.

Nordfab Angle Flange Adapter Angle Flange Adapter
Part #: 3250
Nordfab Bell Mouth Adapter Bell Mouth Adapter
Part #: 3251
Nordfab Hose Adapter Hose Adapter
Part #: 3282
Nordfab QF Machine Adapter QF Machine Adapter
Part #: 3249

ORDERING NOTES: Unless specified, 3" through 24" is QF. Over 24" is flanged. Data subject to change without notice. Stainless steel components requiring flanges will be supplied with stainless steel flanges unless otherwise specified. For special parts or items to be custom manufactured, contact us for quotation.

Nordfab Hose & Machine Adapters

Nordfab manufacturers a full range of high-quality adapters to meet the needs of any application. Nordfab adapters are designed to provide quick and simple connections from QF ductwork to flex hoses. For more information, please choose from above.

Angle Flange Adapters - Ideal for a quick connection to QF pipes, fitting to flanged pipes or fittings, Nordfab Angle Flange Adapters are available in aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel and stainless+ with an optional no.4 finish. These angle flange adapters are designed with a rolled edge on the end for easy connection to other elements.

Hose Adapters - Nordfab hose adapters are designed with beaded ends to retain hose and bridge hose clamps. Created for usage with Nordfab's static dissipative urethane hose and flexible rubber hose, these adapters are available in galvanized or stainless steel and feature rolled ends which provide simple connection to other components.

Bell Mouth Adapters - The Bell Mouth Adapter is constructed of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel and features a flared end to expand air, dust, and smoke capture while increasing laminar air flow. Nordfab Quick-Fit Bell Mouth Adapters have a rolled edge to support efficient connection to other parts.

Quick-Fit Machine Adapters - Nordfab QF machine adapters easily connect quick-fit ductwork to machines in demand of dust and fume removal. These machine adapters are available in standard, flange or raw are constructed of galvanized, stainless, stainless+ or aluminum and are designed with a rolled edge for simple connection to various pieces.

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