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Nordfab Quick-Fitâ„¢ Duct easily disassembles or unclamps for relocation when woodworking machines are moved or changed, and when new machines are installed in the shop. Nordab manufactures modular systems that are available in 3" - 24" and also accommodate high wear applications with heavy guage ducting made in 8" - 24" diameters.

When you use Nordfab duct in your woodshop, leakage is virtually non-existent, resulting in a highly efficient system where the suction is provided to the machines, not leaking in the ductwork. Nordfab has been used for wood dust collection around the world for more than 40 years! Because Nordfab Ducting is well-constructed, modular, easy to put together and take apart, and resuable, it has become a standard for ducting in the woodworking industry. Nordfab is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee we always provide high product quality.

Ensure your wood dust ductwork is setup for optimal performance with these tips:

✓ Duct runs should be as short as possible. The longer the duct run the higher the static pressure and the lower the performance.
✓ If your dust collector moves air quickly enough, use pipes with larger diameters to allow more air movement and less static pressure.
✓ If turns are required make them gradual and mild so that dust can easily travel through pipes.

Nordfab quick fit ducting installed in a home wood shop.

Nordfab® + Woodshop Case Study

Jay Tuttell is a hobbyist woodworker who specializes in crafting cabinets, tables, chairs, and other home furnishings.

With concerns about the health risks that are involved with wood dust, Jay reached out to us in need of a safe, efficient, and affordable system to transport harmful wood dust away from his working environment and into a collection area.

Our team helped Jay customize a Quick-Fit®, clamp together ductwork system for his workshop and saved him from spending additional money on design and installation.

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