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Ducting parts and supplies working together on the outside of a facility.

Ducting Parts & Supplies

Nordfab ducting parts are the standard across many different industries, from coffee roasting to food manufacturing, and in facilities of all sizes.

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Woodworker working on a project in a large commercial facility with ductwork installed for dust collection.

7 Reasons Woodworking Shops Should Use Nordfab

Ease of assembly, reusability, adaptability, and durable design features are just a few reasons why Nordfab is excellent for woodworking.

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Dust collector ductwork shown installed in an industrial building.

Dust Collector Ducting Design

Designing a dust collector duct system has never been easier! Follow these simple guidelines!

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Technician installing Nordfab Quick-Fit, clamp-together ducting.

8 Reasons to Use Nordfab Ducting

Nordfab Ducting is versatile enough to manage wet, oil mist, and abrasive processes. Here are 8 more reasons why you should use it!

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Galvanized steel ductwork installed in an industrial facility.

Galvanized Steel Ductwork

Galvanized ductwork is shielded from environmental conditions, and also from water/ moisture that can corrode underneath.

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Stainless steel ductwork parts.

Stainless Steel Ductwork

Nordfab Ducting made in stainless steel is resistant to harsh seasonal elements and eliminates areas where bugs can harbor.

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Range of Nordfab ducting end styles.

Nordfab Ducting End Styles

Nordfab end styles and types ensure our Quick-FitĀ® duct components easily fit together, add to existing ductwork, or connect to machinery!

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Stainless steel plus ductwork parts on display inside of a commercial warehouse.

Benefits of Stainless Plus Ducting

Stainless Plus is available in the full range of Nordfab Quick-Fit sizes, and assembly & adjustments are just as easy as standard Nordfab!

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Galvanized duct installed on a Biesse machine.

Do I Need Galvanized Duct & Pipe?

Galvanized ductwork has become the standard because it's the most affordable and widely used ducting material.

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Nordfab ducting being installed by two workers.

How to Install Nordfab Ductwork

Installing your own dust collection ducting system saves you $$$ on design and installation expenses.

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Dust collection duct shown installed in an industrial facility.

Dust Collection Duct

Dust collection duct is used in a full range of industrial applications, and under various negative static pressures!

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Clamp together ductwork shown installed in a commercial facility.

Everything to Know About Clamp Together Ducting

Clamp together ducting eliminates rivets, screws, welds and other time-consuming and costly fastening techniques.

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Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting shown with clamp.

General Engineering Specifications for Nordfab®

Structural integrity and general engineering specification for Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting.

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A Technician shown installing a Nordfab Ducting system.

Ducting Parts for Roof Protection

Ducting parts for roof protection in play a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity and longevity of commercial and industrial buildings.

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Nordfab Ultra Flex Steel Hose

Choosing the Right Dust Collection Hose

A comprehensive range of hose products designed to meet the diverse needs of dust collection applications.

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Nordfab Ducting pipe in stock shown in a warehouse.

Common Ducting Challenges and Solutions

Common Ducting Challenges and Solutions - Dr. Chris Cloney and Evan Thomson, an engineer at Nordfab, explore common ducting challenges and solutions.

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Nordfab Ducting installed on machinery in an industrial facility.

Key Components of Nordfab Ducting Systems

Explore the various components that make up Nordfab's ducting systems and their unique features and advantages.

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