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Ductwork is an essential form of transport for harsh chemicals and waste from indoor environments to a collection area such as shipping. Certain elements that enter the air like dust, chemicals, and harsh particles can cause respiratory problems for industrial workers. Additionally, the collection of water, oil, or dust can leave hazards in the work place. Leakage in ductwork applications can drip on to electrical components causing them to fail. It can also cause a slip and fall scenario where workers can be harmed from the oil and water that drips on to walk ways.

For manufacturing applications that require the removal of harsh materials from the air, Nordfab Quick-Fit® Ducting is a system that is essential to remove these materials to a waste collection area. Harsh, abrasive materials left in the air are harmful to worker's respiratory systems and can lead to severe health conditions or contribute to the worsening of an existing health condition. Consequently, it can mean that workers file workers' compensation claims, and can even lead to lawsuits. Nordfab duct systems are important for industrial warehouse or factories such a textiles manufacturers to enable the removal of the harsh ceramic elements from the air for worker's safety.

Nordfab Branch Branch
Part #: 3220
Nordfab Duct Clamps Duct Clamps
Part #: 3260
Nordfab Elbows Standard Elbows Standard
Part #: 3210
Nordfab Flanged Pipe Flanged Pipe
Part #: 3201
Nordfab QF Manual Blastgate QF Manual Blastgate
Part #: 3240
Nordfab T-Branch T-Branch
Part #: 3227
Nordfab Transitions Transitions
Part #: 3225
Nordfab Y-Branch Y-Branch
Part #: 3221

Nordfab offers an entire line of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum ductwork products to improve the construction and design of your next duct project. Our new technology of a sealed clamping system provides workers with a more efficient way to construct ductwork systems giving them 48% less downtime. Nordfab products can also be implemented with existing ductwork systems to improve efficiency and lessen the amount of leakage of older systems. Additionally, our products are seamlessly maintained since their system is easily removed, cleaned, and replaced with little effort.

We have a full Nordfab catalog full of materials including products that are ideal for your next ducting system project. To make the design and installation simpler for you, we will also provide you with a CAD drawing that lays out the next ductwork system, gives you a list of products and suggested parts, and also provides you with a pricing list per part. To view our line of Nordfab products, visit


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