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Galvanized Steel Ductwork

Manufacturing Capabilities
Materials: Galvanized: ASTM A527 with a G90 rating i. Temp rating is 500° F with no breakdown of zinc - Zinc melting point is 740° F
Gauges: 10ga - 22ga
Welds: Spot weld & caulked, full weld upon request
Diameters: 3" - 84"
Connections: Rolled Lip, Flange, Raw (butt weld), Tri-Clamp, Flat Lip Clamp

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Galvanized duct offers one of the most affordable ways to protect metals when compared to other protective coatings for steel. Galvanizing is a process in which zinc or another metal coating is applied to a dense base black metal giving it anti-corrosion properties that protect it from corrosion and surrounding environment elements. When ducwork material is galvanized it is directly protected from exposure to the elements and will not become oxidized or corroded.

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Galvanized ducting products are not only shielded from environments, but also from water and moisture that can corrode underneath. In the event that the zinc coating is scratched deep enough and your steel ducting becomes exposed it may begin corroding.

Because Nordfab Quick-Fit® galvanized pipes consist of resilient materials nearly all outdoor applications prefer them over other plastic pipes like PVC or ABS. Not only is galvanized ducting ideal for outside applications, they also excel in operations that produce wood, lead and cement dust, vehicle, paint booth and coffee roaster exhaust, welding fume, and are utilized to manage overall dust extraction.

Galvanized Duct Parts

Nordfab Branch Branch
Part #: 3220
Nordfab Duct Clamps Duct Clamps
Part #: 3260
Nordfab Elbows Standard Elbows Standard
Part #: 3210
Nordfab Flanged Pipe Flanged Pipe
Part #: 3201
Nordfab QF Manual Blastgate QF Manual Blastgate
Part #: 3240
Nordfab T-Branch T-Branch
Part #: 3227
Nordfab Transitions Transitions
Part #: 3225
Nordfab Y-Branch Y-Branch
Part #: 3221

Nordfab manufacturers galvanized ductwork to provide commercial and industrial installers and designers a reliable, secure and effective way to apply and relocate ductwork. By implementing a Nordfab ducting system, industry experts no longer have to worry about caulking which saves them almost 50% of installation time. Nordfab galvanized duct products are laser, leak-tight welded systems that ensure ductwork is air tight. Galvanized ductwork by Nordfab dispose sof areas where bugs can harbor, removes snagging areas that damage leak-free structures, and is adaptable to already installed duct systems.

For businesses and facilities looking to request a quote for galvanized ductwork, we offer a design and layout for your installation project, CAD drawings for each drop, and a custom galvanized steel duct requirement list with projected prices to make it easy to apply into project specifications.

Benefits of Using Galvanized Steel in Ductwork

✓ Heavy-duty coating: Galvanized steel duct has a coating that is made up of a special metallic structure to resist mechanical damage
✓ Cost efficient: Galvanized ductwork is the most cost-friendly and is standard for most applications because it lasts longer and requires less maintenance
✓ Long lasting: Galvanized coating is generally expected to last up to 50 years in most rural environments and 25+ in urban and coastal areas
✓ Total protection: The entire line of Nordfab galvanized products is completely protected from corrosion, rust, water and moisture damage, even in inaccessible areas

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