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Oil Mist Collector Ducting

Condensation control is critical in oil mist applications to effectively prevent leakage and drippage on equipment. Condensation happens when cold air meets warm air and water and mist accumulates on pipes causing them to drip on circuitry and electronic components ruining them. Leaking can cause rust to build up or mold to accumulate in the area which can become a huge health concern for workers.

Oil mist ducting can be installed on machinery to remove moisture from accumulating on ductwork. These systems collect moisture from the surrounding area to prevent leakage and water from accumulating on the machinery. Oil is also quickly removed from the airways to reduce the amount of oil evaporation and odors that build.

Wet machining process shown with cooling lubricant spraying the tool.
Oil mist ducting layout.

High-quality oil mist ductwork will efficiently separate these solid materials from the air to improve the quality of air and keep odors from disturbing workers from their productivity. It also provides a better environment by limiting the number of accidents that are possible from leaking oil that creates slippery surfaces.

Nordfab® Ducting offers a three-part system for sealing ductwork to prevent leakage: Leak-free Gaskets, Leak-free O-rings, and Epoxy Caulking. The combination of these Oil Mist System components with Nordfab’s Duct Pipe, which features solid welded seams, providing excellent leakage protection, in comparison to lock form seams which allow air to leak.

Nordfab oil mist ducting features a high tack gasket adhesive that can be applied with an oil mist gasket to create an airtight connection that provides dual security against leakage.

The Key Oil Mist Ducting Components

  • Oil Mist Gaskets applied to the duct ends at the joints

  • QF Sleeve & Oil Mist O-ring - where variable lengths are needed

  • Oil Mist Drains & Ball Joints can be installed where needed

  • Leak-resistant seams on the ductwork:
  • Nordfab Ducting oil mist duct components.
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