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Dust Collection Duct

Nordfab ducting makes the perfect dust collection pipe.

Nordfab is a do-it-yourself clamp-together dust collection ductwork system that you can customize to fit your space. Installing your own dust collection pipe saves you money over costly design and installation expenses. If you change your shop configuration, your Nordfab dust collector ducting changes with it. The system is easily expandable, moveable, and you can choose from several interchangeable parts.

In addition, our pipe is air-tight, leak-free, and durable against abrasion. Compared to alternatives, the Nordfab dust collection pipe won't wear as quickly when transporting abrasive materials. When a part does wear, it is easily unclamped from the system and replaced in minutes.

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Nordfab Branch Branch
Part #: 3220
Nordfab Duct Clamps Duct Clamps
Part #: 3260
Nordfab Elbows Standard Elbows Standard
Part #: 3210
Nordfab Flanged Pipe Flanged Pipe
Part #: 3201
Nordfab QF Manual Blastgate QF Manual Blastgate
Part #: 3240
Nordfab T-Branch T-Branch
Part #: 3227
Nordfab Transitions Transitions
Part #: 3225
Nordfab Y-Branch Y-Branch
Part #: 3221

Benefits of Nordfab Dust Collection Ductwork

If you’re looking to remove dust, mist, or smoke from an industrial space, then the Nordfab dust collector ducting is a great option. Not only is it affordable, it’s easy to switch out parts as your space evolves. Whether you need to use a metal ducting dust extraction system for woodworking or another industrial space, enjoy benefits like,

  • Easy clamp together components make it quick to assemble
  • No rivets, screws, or welding needed because of barrel-type clamps
  • Can be adapted to an existing ductwork system
  • Welded seams prevent leaks

With Nordfab, you can create a unique dust collection ductwork design as you see fit. You’ll have a dust collection ductwork system that is perfect for your space!