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Dust Collector Pipe

Nordfab Ducting is used in a wide variety of industries to convey a broad range of industrial dust, fumes, smoke, and more. Nordfab dust collection pipe provides users with a number of benefits when compared to traditional industrial ducting. Savings on installation costs are just the beginning. Nordfab dust collection pipe adapts to existing ductwork, is easy to clean, and can be re-used during facility reconfigurations.

Collapsibility Strength of Quick-Fit Dust Collection Piping

Each size of Nordfab Ducting dust collection piping has been tested for strength against collapsing. The piping was exposed to constant positive pressure and constant vacuum. Each pipe was exposed to a maximum capacity of the test equipment of 80” WG of vacuum and positive pressure. None of the dust collection pipe showed any form of deformation during the test.

Please take into account that our pipe comes in 5-feet lengths with a rolled lip on each end, thus providing reinforcement every 5-feet, which presents a sound structural design that should be stronger than any pipe in its class. Dust Collection pipe and fittings must be installed in accordance with NORDFAB’s standard specifications and standard accepted practices.

Quick-Fit is a snap! No complicated cutting, no riveting, no braising or welding are required. One Quick-Fit clamp connects sections together in seconds. Branches, diverters, elbows - all adapt easily to your existing duct and may be taken apart and re-used or cleaned without special tools. More on Dust Collection Duct.


Nordfab Branch Branch
Part #: 3220
Nordfab Duct Clamps Duct Clamps
Part #: 3260
Nordfab Elbows Standard Elbows Standard
Part #: 3210
Nordfab Flanged Pipe Flanged Pipe
Part #: 3201
Nordfab QF Manual Blastgate QF Manual Blastgate
Part #: 3240
Nordfab T-Branch T-Branch
Part #: 3227
Nordfab Transitions Transitions
Part #: 3225
Nordfab Y-Branch Y-Branch
Part #: 3221
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