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1. Just Clamp It Together!

Nordfab® Ducting's rolled edge ends allow for an easy, quick-fit connection to other components by using a barrel-type clamp. Installers simply clamp each piece together without any special tools and the uniquely designed gasket inside of the clamp seals the joint tightly.

Our Telescoping Quick-Fit Adjustable Nipple eliminates the need for precise measurements.

2. Superfast Installation

Quick-Fit installation cuts downtime by over 45% in comparison to flanged ductwork - saving you both time and money.

The clamp-together system requires no rivets, screws, or special tools, unlike flanged ducting and spiral that has to be bolted or screwed together.

3. It's Reusable & Modular

Quick-Fit ducting provides one of the lowest life-cycle costs of any ducting product because it's easy to uninstall and relocate. It can be implemented in to already existing ductwork systems to improve effectiveness and prevent leakage in older structures.

4. Leak-tight, solid welded seams on duct pipes

The featured smooth and fully welded seams prevent leaks, snags, and potential bug harbors.

5. Prevent Static Pressure

Prevent static pressure with quick-fit ductwork!

One of the biggest issues for woodworking dust collection is static pressure - a force that restricts airflow. However, by implementing a clamp-together system, static pressure is greatly minimized. How?

Because quick-fit ducting is built to align perfectly, so even long runs have minimal pressure loss!

6. Easy to Maintain

Nordfab® Ducting requires minimal maintenance and can be easily removed, cleaned, and re-installed without any tools.

7. It Fits Almost Any Application!

Quick-Fit ducting parts are adaptable to existing ductwork and is used across a full range of applications where dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required.

8. Available in a Variety of Materials

Quick-Fit ducting products are made of Galvanized or Stainless Steel to meet the requirements of your application. We also offer components in other materials such as Aluminum and Stainless+ with optional no. 4 finish.

Nordfab® Ducting offers a superior solution for dust collection and fume extraction systems across various commercial and industrial applications. Its quick-fit design, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for new installations and upgrades to existing systems. By choosing Nordfab®, you're investing in:
• Faster installation and reduced downtime
• Modular and reusable components
• Improved air quality and safer work environments
• Lower maintenance costs
• Adaptability to various applications and materials

Whether you're in woodworking, metalworking, or any industry requiring efficient air filtration, Nordfab® duct parts and supplies can help streamline your operations and improve workplace safety. Contact our team of specialists today to learn how our ducting solutions can enhance your facility's air quality management.

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