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Tips for Ordering Nordfab® Ducting Parts

A range of Nordfab Ducting parts.

Order at least one clamp per Nordfab Quick-Fit component:
One duct pipe = one clamp
Two elbows = two clamps

Elbow types:
  • Press formed elbows
  • Elbows LSB
  • Tubed elbows
  • Elbows with flanges
  • Nordfab Quick Fit Ducting installed at an industrial facility.

    Specify all dimensional and end style information:
    Transitions - specify dimensions of A, B, D, L, X, Y and end style
    Duct branches - A x B x C, or A x B x D, or A x B x C x D
    Tap-in duct fittings or In-cuts - A, B
    QF Reducer - All diameters and end style

    Not all ductwork is created equally and it's important to understand the specifications and requirements of the applications and processes that take place in a facility when determining which duct material is best. Ducting parts and supplies must be installed properly based on the facility size, application, and machining processes to ensure effectiveness. It is highly recommended to request additional assistance and to work with a professional to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness.

    Nordfab Ducting is utilized almost anywhere a dust collector, industrial air filter, weld or fume collector, baghouse, or cyclone is installed. Clean air provides a safer environment for workers and can help maintain machinery efficiency and reduce maintenance and repair costs while boosting morale and productivity rates. Proper ductwork installation also reduces risks of fires and explosions that can be caused by the buildup of combustible dust. Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting can be customized to accommodate almost any size workspace or facility. Installing your own ductwork saves on design and installation costs, and if you change the configuration of your workplace Nordfab ductwork systems will easily move and adapt! To learn more about how Nordfab Ducting is used in commercial and industrial settings, check out our applications. To get started on your free quote, get in touch with us today.

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