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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Duct Parts

Duct parts and supplies are made available in various metals, gauges, lengths, and sizes to create complete ductwork systems. Nordfab duct parts are the standard across many different industries, from coffee roasting to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and are utilized in facilities of all sizes — including manufacturing plants, laboratories, small workshops, and one-person applications.

The materials used to make ducting parts vary based on application requirements. Stainless steel and galvanized steel are commonly used to manufacture ductwork because they each offer specialized benefits to accommodate specific application demands.

Stainless steel duct is excellent in labs, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and other large-scale commercial and industrial markets because it is strong like galvanized and aluminum but resists moisture and corrosion.

Stainless steel ducting parts are typically made out of iron and also contain chromium and nickel. Nickel can significantly slow down and reduce corrosion in highly acidic environments which helps shield stainless steel duct from corrosive agents.

Stainless steel ducting uses its high levels of resistance to stop the growth of mold and mildew and its rigidity to move high volumes of air. The durability and long-term strength provided by stainless steel make it safe to use indoors and outdoors without costly maintenance, repairs, or replacement and reduce energy usage.

Stainless steel ductwork is also resistant to high-abrasion applications and can be reused, moved, and adapted to existing ducting systems. Nordfab stainless steel ducting parts are available with Quick-Fit clamp-together connections in diameters from 8" to 24". Flanged ducting is generally available in diameters up to 40".

These products are fully constructed in the specified gauge - either 18ga or 16ga, not with lighter gauge collars. Heavy gauge stainless steel products will be supplied standard with passivation. Passivation helps to restore corrosion resistance after the welding process.

Galvanized ducting is manufactured using a process where zinc or another metal coating made up of a special metallic structure is applied to a dense base black metal giving it anti-corrosion properties that protect it from corrosion and other environmental elements. Ducting parts and supplies that are constructed of galvanized steel are not only protected from environmental elements, but also from water and moisture that can corrode underneath.

Duct parts used in an install to removed industrial dust and other airborne contaminants.

Galvanized coating is expected to last up to 50 years in most rural environments and 25+ years in urban and coastal areas. Galvanized ductwork can be safely used outdoors and inside facilities where wood and cement dust, vehicle exhaust, coffee roaster exhaust, welding fume, and other airborne contaminants are present or to help manage industrial dust.

Because Nordfab galvanized ducting parts consist of resilient materials, nearly all outdoor applications prefer them over other plastic pipes like PVC or ABS. Galvanized duct parts operate requiring little maintenance and provide longevity making them the standard and one of the most cost-efficient options for most applications.

Nordfab galvanized ducting parts are available with rolled lip, flange, raw (butt weld), tri-clamp, flat lip clamps, and in diameters from 3" - 84". These products are fully constructed in 10 - 22 gauges.

Stainless steel and galvanized steel duct parts manufactured by Nordfab feature laser or plasma-welded seams to create smoother internal surfaces and provide greatly enhanced leak resistance for all general-purpose dust extraction duties.

The most efficient way to collect and control commercial and industrial dust is with a central dust collection system. Central dust collectors rely on ducting systems to pull contaminants from the source, through ductwork, and into the dust collection system where it's cleaned and exhausted back into the facility or outside away from the building.

Dust collection ducting falls into two main categories — flexible hose duct and hard, fixed duct. Flexible hose ducting is used for short runs such as machine connections because of its rough interior and droopy characteristics that result in static pressure loss.

Flexible hose ductwork must be grounded at each end to prevent static electric build-up and sparks. Hard, fixed ducting is generally made of plastic or metal like stainless steel or galvanized steel depending on the application.

Metal hard, fixed dust is used in most commercial and industrial applications because it reduces static electricity build-up and the smooth rigid interior reduces pressure loss.

Static pressure is one of the biggest issues for dust collection because it requires higher energy usage and can result in poor system performance, but Nordfab Quick-Fit ducting is designed to align perfectly ensuring that even long runs have minimal pressure loss.

Nordfab Ducting features unique rolled edge ends and easy-to-use clamps to provide users with a solid, sealed, and easy-to-assemble ductwork system. The use of Quick-Fit ducting decreases installation time and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Nordfab created the modular Quick-Fit duct system to minimize air resistance, withstand high air pressure, and reduce static pressure loss, making it an excellent choice for material handling applications. Users have found that Nordfab ducting parts are ideal for most dust, fume, and mist applications — which is why it's been applied to a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings.

In addition to the Quick-Fit clamp-together end style, we also offer a few other end styles, including flanged, so that users can incorporate Quick-Fit into other systems and to provide duct from the collector to the last machine port. We carry duct parts and supplies so that users can incorporate clamp-together ducting into pre-existing ductwork.

Nordfab Quick-Fit duct parts are adaptable to existing ductwork and are used across a full range of applications where dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required. Nordfab ducting connects to a variety of machines and separators to remove dust and other hazardous contaminants.

Nordfab ductwork parts feature a rolled edge on the ends which provides easy connection to other components with the use of a barrel-type clamp. A specially designed gasket inside the clamp seals the joint tightly.

In addition to the Quick-Fit clamp-together end style, we also offer a few other end styles, including flanged, so that users can incorporate Quick-Fit into other systems and to provide duct from the collector to the last machine port.

Ordering Nordfab duct parts and supplies is easy with our simple step-by-step questionnaire, and all ducting parts ship within 2-5 Days! But before you get started on customizing your ductwork system, consider these tips for ordering Nordfab Ducting.

Tips for Ordering Nordfab® Ducting Parts

A range of Nordfab Ducting parts.

Order at least one clamp per Nordfab Quick-Fit component:
One duct pipe = one clamp
Two elbows = two clamps

Elbow types:
  • Press formed elbows
  • Elbows LSB
  • Tubed elbows
  • Elbows with flanges
  • Nordfab Quick Fit Ducting installed at an industrial facility.

    Specify all dimensional and end style information:
    Transitions - specify dimensions of A, B, D, L, X, Y and end style
    Duct branches - A x B x C, or A x B x D, or A x B x C x D
    Tap-in duct fittings or In-cuts - A, B
    QF Reducer - All diameters and end style

    Not all ductwork is created equally and it's important to understand the specifications and requirements of the applications and processes that take place in a facility when determining which duct material is best.

    Ducting parts and supplies must be installed properly based on the facility size, application, and machining processes to ensure effectiveness. It is highly recommended to request additional assistance and to work with a professional to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness.

    Nordfab Ducting is utilized almost anywhere a dust collector, industrial air filter, weld or fume collector, baghouse, or cyclone is installed. Clean air provides a safer environment for workers and can help maintain machinery efficiency and reduce maintenance and repair costs while boosting morale and productivity rates.

    Proper ductwork installation also reduces risks of fires and explosions that can be caused by the buildup of combustible dust. Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting can be customized to accommodate almost any size workspace or facility.

    Installing your own ductwork saves on design and installation costs, and if you change the configuration of your workplace Nordfab ductwork systems will easily move and adapt! To learn more about how Nordfab Ducting is used in commercial and industrial settings, check out our applications. To get started on your free quote, get in touch with us today.

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