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Dust Collection Hose: Which One is Right for Your Application?

Nordfab Ducting offers a comprehensive range of hose products designed to meet the diverse needs of dust collection applications. With a wide variety of options available, you can choose the perfect fit for your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

These hose products are categorized into two main groups: rubber and metal hoses, each catering to different application scenarios. Additionally, Nordfab provides a selection of end types, allowing you to seamlessly connect the hoses to other ductwork or equipment, ensuring a seamless integration into your system.

To accommodate your needs, all Nordfab hoses are conveniently sold in 5-foot increments, giving you the flexibility to order the desired length.

Complementing their hose offerings, Nordfab also provides Quick-Fit rigid ductwork components designed for adaptability with existing dust collection systems. These duct parts enable efficient removal of dust, fine particulates, and hazardous contaminants from various machines and separators across diverse applications.

A key feature is the rolled edge on the part ends, allowing for secure connections using barrel-type clamps. The clamps incorporate a specialized gasket that tightly seals the joints, ensuring optimal capture and transfer of particulate matter through the ductwork.

Whether you require flexible hoses or rigid ductwork components, Nordfab's comprehensive product line offers solutions tailored to your specific dust collection and material handling needs, delivering reliable performance and seamless integration into your existing systems.

Rubber Hoses for Dust Collection

Nordfab black rubber hose

Black Hose

This thermoplastic flexible rubber hose is reinforced with a spring steel wire helix, making it an ideal choice for most standard-duty applications where high abrasion, high temperatures, or chemical resistance are not primary concerns. Its durability and versatility make it a popular choice among customers.

Nordfab clear rubber hose

Clear Hose

Constructed from polyurethane flexible rubber and reinforced with a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix, this hose offers superior visibility, allowing for easy monitoring of material flow.

Nordfab static dissipative urethane hose

Static Dissipative Urethane Hose

Designed for applications that require static dissipation, this medium-weight hose is made from polyurethane and reinforced with a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix. Its features include excellent abrasion resistance, high tear strength, superior chemical resistance, exceptional flexibility, and tolerance for a wide range of temperatures. It's an ideal choice for demanding environments.

To ensure a secure connection, Bridge Clamps or Hose Clamps should be used when connecting rubber hoses and Static Dissipative Urethane Hoses. Additionally, Hose Adapters are typically installed to connect rubber hoses to other ductwork components, providing a seamless integration.

Steel Hoses for Dust Collection

For applications involving high abrasion or high temperatures, Nordfab offers two steel hose options:

Nordfab rigid flex steel hose

Rigid Flex Steel Hose

Available in both galvanized and stainless steel variants, this hose is designed as a substitute for rubber hoses in applications with higher temperatures or when abrasive materials are being conveyed.

Nordfab ultra flex steel hose

Ultra Flex Steel Hose

Similar to the Rigid Flex Steel Hose, this option is also available in galvanized and stainless steel and is ideal for high-temperature or abrasive material conveyance applications where flexibility is a key requirement.

To further streamline the installation process, Nordfab's metal hoses can be pre-assembled with either a Quick-Fit or flanged end coupling, saving you valuable time and ensuring a hassle-free integration into your system.

General guidelines for Nordfab dust collection hoses:

General guidelines for Nordfab dust collection hoses.

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