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Summary: Shick Solutions, an ingredient automation system provider has solutions for everything from dry ingredients that are highly abrasive, high in fat or fragile, to liquid ingredients with process critical temperatures or high viscosity.

Challenge: Shick Solutions worked with a bakery that was having humidity issues. They installed 4 school bus-sized dehumidifiers. Their main challenge was finding ducting large and durable enough for the dehumidifiers

Solution: We manufactured 60" Aluminum Ductng (16 Gauge) to handle the four dehumidifiers. The ducting was produced to SMACNA standards for round duct construction by AWS certified welders.

Nordfab® Aluminum Ductwork

Using the right material in a range of diverse applications is crucial to ensure your commercial customers are provided with products that can resist the elements and withstand abrasive transport. Aluminum products are resistant to corrosives but are also more expensive to implement. What makes aluminum stand out from other materials is its ability to be soft and bendable while resisting substances such as salts that are produced within food processing factories.

Aluminum ductwork is not only light but exceptionally resilient against corrosion. It's ideal for industrial business environments where moisture is common or its interior is open to outdoor seasonal changes. Foam ductwork panels are coated with aluminum to prevent moisture and provide a corrosive free system. The coating is dependent upon the operation but can be 80 micrometers to 200 micrometers for outdoor applications. Aluminum ducting is also available insulated or non-insulated from the main duct to the outlet system.

Aluminum duct works well in a variety of industries such as auto production warehouses, concrete production areas, food processing, metal working, paper and printing, mining, plastics, wood working, and textiles among many other commercial applications.

Applications Pros Cons
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Most expensive option
  • Non-abbrasive materials
  • Light-weight
  • Soft; not for abbrasive applications

  • Nordfab ducting products are made available in aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel. New technology provides 50% less installation and down time for employees and are easily adjustable with no rivet screws or welding required. Our extensive line of ductwork products also provides an easily manageable way to incorporate a new ductwork system into existing construction. Nordfab products are easily maintained with a system that can be removed, cleaned, and replaced with little effort.

    Good aluminum ducting should be leak-free and tightly constructed to avoid moisture from entering into openings. If ductwork is not tightly sealed, moisture is just the beginning of issues that will follow. Bug accumulation and nests can build up on poorly fitted systems. Nordfab products eliminate the possibility of any elements getting into ductwork by using advanced technology of clamping construction products.

    Check out our full Nordfab catalog of aluminum ductwork products that are well designed for your next ductwork project. To make the design and planning easier, we also offer CAD drawings for installation layouts for commercial use. Along with a customized drawing for your next installation, our team of experts will also provide you with a list of Nordfab products for your ductwork layout as well as pricing for each component.

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    Part #: 3210
    Nordfab Flanged Pipe Flanged Pipe
    Part #: 3201
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    Part #: 3225
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