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Nordfab Ducting for concrete dust removal.

Concrete Dust Ducting

Silica dust is produced during the handling and processing of concrete, masonry, and rock. When the dust from these materials is not properly controlled, exposure can lead to severe and fatal health effects. Because concrete and masonry are primary building materials, there are various exposure risks.

Which Applications are at risk?

• Abrasive blasting of concrete
• Sanding, grinding, and cutting concrete
• Chipping, hammering, drilling, and sawing, concrete or masonry
• Demolition of concrete and masonry structures
• Pressurized air blowing or dry sweeping of concrete or sand dust

The key to establishing employee safety is by keeping dust out of the air. A concrete dust ductwork system includes a hose and wand that work by pulling dust away from the source and to the collector where it's filtered, cleaned, and returned into the building or outside.

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