7 Reasons Why Woodworking Shops Should Use Nordfab

Nordfab has been producing ducting products for woodworking shops for more than four decades. An industry leader, Nordfab is known for its versatile and durable ducting, which has set the standard in many ways with its modular construction and efficient operation. Ducting, of course, is an essential feature of any woodworking shop, but there are some important reasons why Nordfab is the brand to embrace. If you have a woodworking operation, be sure to consider Nordfab ducting for the following reasons.

1. Easy to Assemble

Ease of assembly is a cornerstone of Nordfab's products. Quick-Fit Ducting, for instance, can be installed by virtually anyone. Gripple hangers and simple clamps keep components in place and are simple to install. Best of all, no welding, screws, or rivets are required to keep this ducting snugly in place, and you don't have to use any tools to assemble the ducting either. The easy construction of Nordfab ducting reduces assembly by 45%.

2. Reusable

Another positive attribute of Nordfab's ducting is that it's reusable. Just as assembly is quick and easy, disassembly is equally facile. Essentially, users can unclamp components and reassemble them elsewhere quickly and conveniently. Because the construction is sturdy, you can disassemble and reassemble the products over and over to suit your needs. Consequently, you can make floor changes as often as you like and won't have to discard any of your existing ducting. You can reuse it in your new ducting arrangements.

3. Adaptable

Many woodworkers, professionals and artisans, admire Nordfab ducting because it can transition from one building to another with ease. An extremely adaptable solution, Nordfab ducting works right along with your existing ducting, which is one of its most revered attributes. Move your system or move your shop and you'll find that Nordfab's flexible solution can be moved right along with you.

4. No Leakage

A major advantage of using Nordfab ducting is its leak-proof design and efficient system that maximizes suction. Laser welded seams prevent any leaks from occurring while the manner of the ducting's construction makes periodic cleaning a simple procedure.  100% leak free options are available for custom hand welded items.  Laser welding, moreover, ensures that seams remain strong for enhanced longevity of your ducting.

5. Modular Design

With their modular design and metal construction, Nordfab's ducting remains rigidly in place even for long runs. The modular design enhances their ease of assembly and disassembly too. It's also important to note that their metal construction is conductive, which ultimately reduces the buildup of static electricity, a common fire risk associated with woodworking. Manufactured in the U.S., every size of ducting pipe has been tested to ensure strength; collapsing is never a problem for Nordfab products.

6. Single Source for All Materials

Choosing a superior brand like Nordfab is important to many customers who prefer to obtain all their materials from a single, reputable source. Nordfab has everything that woodworking shops need, including hoods and manifolds for shop machinery. Nordfab's manifolds can connect to major woodworking machines for an exceptional level of clean. Nordfab boasts a comprehensive catalog of ducting materials that can be adapted to virtually any woodworking setting. Explosion isolation flaps, fume arms, sliding access panels, and other parts form Nordfab's lineup of superior ducting and ducting-associated products.

7. Outstanding Customer Care

Nordfab has long been recognized in the industry for its outstanding customer service. Naturally, the company is accessible and helpful when it comes to any aspect of their ducting products, but woodworkers who require bespoke solutions for their shops will also find that company representatives are happy to collaborate on custom designs. When outfitting your woodworking shop with Nordfab ducting, you'll find that customer support can assist your through every step of the process including product selection, installation, and free system design.

If you are in the market for a new ducting system for your woodworking shop, be sure to explore Nordfab's superior ducting solutions. Ease of assembly, reusability, adaptability, and durable design features are just a few of the reasons Nordfab's ducting systems are the preferred ducting products for the woodworking industry.

To learn more about Nordfab, check out our infographic: "How Nordfab Ducting Works".

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